Environmental Variables

  • System environmental variable:

    setx -m PATH "%PATH%;.\"
    setx -m PATH "%PATH%;C:\Program Files (x86)\KDE\bin"
  • Local environmental variables:

    setx HOME "C:\Users\Joon"
    setx PATH "%PATH%;%HOME%\bin"

PowerShell Remoting

To configure the computer (the server) to receive Windows PowerShell remote commands, run the following in an elevated PowerShell:



SSH Server

SSH Client

Bitvise SSH Server Public key authentication

  1. Login to the server
  2. Open Bitvise SSH Server Control Panel
  3. Open Easy Settings
  4. 2. Windows accounts
  5. From the Public keys imported tab, you can import local public keys. (Import both bitvise-generated and ssh-keygen generated keys)

Tinkerer blog

$ cd ~/git
$ git clone
$ mklink /J en C:\Users\joon\Dropbox\tinkerer\en\blog\html
$ mklink /J ko C:\Users\joon\Dropbox\tinkerer\ko\blog\html


The location of 공인인증서 in Windows is: